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Copy & paste the following application in an email and answer the questions and return to

Zodiac Moon Huskies has this designed to help you and your family think about the issues involved in deciding to adopt a new dog.

Please DO NOT skip questions. Each question is important to us.

Are you over the age of 18?

Do you pay your own Mortgage/rent?

If not have that person fill out the application

Application for AKC pet contract



Phone number:

  1. Vet reference name address and phone number:
  2. Please list 3 personal references names and phone numbers:
  3. Are you over the age of 18?
  4. Are you Married? Single? Significant other? If married or you have a significant other please list them.
  5. Who would be the owner of the puppy?
  6. Do you own or rent your home? Are you the lease owner if renting?
  7. If renting do you have permission to own a husky from your landlord? Many renters do not allow the husky breed.
  8. Please list all of the people living in the home and their relationship to you?
  9. Does everyone in the home agree on purchasing a puppy?
  10. Have you ever owned a dog?
  11. Do you have any other pets? What are they? Are they fixed? Are they current on vaccines?

Please attach photos of any animals you currently own.

  1. Will this be primarily an inside dog or an outside dog?

Please attach photos of what would be the puppies outdoor areas and or indoor areas.

  1. How do you intend to potty train your puppy?
  2. Do you understand that a puppy will have accidents in your home during the potty training process?
  3. At what age do you expect your puppy to complete potty training?
  4. Do you understand that huskies have a tendency for property destruction if not properly trained and exercised?
  5. Are you prepared to puppy / husky proof your home?
  6. What are your general training methods?
  7. Do you plan to crate train? If so, how long and often will the puppy be crated?
  8. How do you intend to correct bad behaviors when you are training?
  9. Do you understand that huskies are vocal in nature? They have wide range of vocalizations. Howling whining barking growling etc. And that this is NOT a display of aggression?
  10. Do you understand that your neighbors may not appreciate these vocalizations?
  11. Do you understand that this breed is one of the more difficult ones to train due to their stubborn nature? How do you intend to get passed that?
  12. Do you understand that your dog’s behavior is a direct reflection of your training methods or the lack there of?
  13. Tell us a little about yourself and why you are interested in a husky?
  14. Please list any research you have done on them:
  15. How often will this dog be off leash and when?
  16. What size of yard do you have?
  17. Do you have a fenced in yard?

If so , how tall is your fence?

If no fence, how do you intend to let your puppy outside to potty?

  1. How do you intend to meet the exercise requirements of this breed?
  2. Are you interested in showing this pup?
  3. Are you interested in breeding this pup?
  4. What form of registration are you interested in ?
  5. Do you intend to spay/neuter this pup?

If so at what age do you intend to do so?

  1. Have you ever taken a pet to a shelter?
  2. Have you ever given a pet away?
  3. How much time do you have to devote to a puppy?
  4. Do you have children? If so, what are their ages?

Do they know how to behave around animals?

  1. Are you financially capable of caring for a dog and its needs?
  2. Who will take care of your dog while you are on vacation?
  3. Are you aware that huskies can live to be 15 years old? Are you prepared for this commitment ?
  4. Are you aware to what degree huskies shed?
  5. Are you aware that huskies should never be shaved unless for a medical need?
  6. Are you aware that huskies have a high prey drive? What does this mean to you? And how do you intend to accommodate that?
  7. Are you aware that even though your puppy will come home current on vaccines, it will need additional vaccines at 9 weeks, 12 weeks, and 15 weeks of age to be completed and protected ? Then at a year of age and every year following.
  8. Do you have an active Facebook?
  9. We have a separate Facebook profile set up where we add all of our puppy parents. Zodiac Moon Huskies. It is an easy way to stay in touch and see any photos you may post. It is also an open line of communication for you to get in touch with me at any point should you have any questions or need any help. You can also friend me at Lisa Downey as well. Being added there is a requirement when getting one of our puppies. We will make a Breeder/ parent group on messenger so you are able to have constant communication with us.
  10. We require monthly updates/ photos and vet records of the puppies for the 1st year they are with you. After a year of age we require updates every 6 months including photographs and veterinary records. If you do not have a facebook then you are required to fulfill these requirements via email or text message. Do you agree to the terms listed?

(They are in our contract that you will be required to sign before you pick up your puppy)

  1. Will you sign and uphold our contract stating that if for any reason you can no longer care for this dog/puppy at any point in its life you will return it to us with no refund?
  2. We do not want to see our puppies end up in shelters or in the wrong hands it is not why we breed.
  3. If you pass the application process, I will be sending you the link to our deposit policy ,contract and health guarantee prior to accepting your deposit to make sure you are agreeable to all of our terms.
  4. What are your expectations of a husky?
  5. List the pros and cons of owning a husky?
  6. Which puppy are you interested in?
  7. If not a specific puppy, What color, coat length and gender are you looking for? Is there a specific litter you are interested in?
  8. Are you looking for a specific eye color?
  9. Do you know the difference between Standard, Plush and Wooly coats?
  10. Have you or anyone in your family ever owned a husky? Who and what age were they?
  11. This is a repeat question but worth mentioning twice because I need you to understand the commitment of it. Are you aware Huskies shed? I’m talking black clothes will never be your friend again and you will keep a roller inside your house and in your car and you will STILL have dog hair on you. Are you prepared for this?
  12. Have you or anyone in your household or family been accused or convinced of animal abuse or neglect? Please list and explain,
  13. Do you agree that all the information you provided is true and correct?
  14. Is this puppy a “surprise” if so please explain in detail who it is a surprise for that the situation. Ie: is it a surprise for the kids? Or your spouse?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our application! if we think you are a good fit for one of our babies you will hear back from us soon!

Lisa & Kirsten Downey
Zodiac Moon Huskies
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