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Does your dog run and hide when you get the brush out?

I see people talk about the Furminator and how well it does on their dogs and cats fur. The answer is no. You should not use the Furminator on your husky as the every day brush. Why? Because a husky has 2 layers of fur, one being the outer coat that shines and the undercoat that really helps protect it from the elements. When you use the Furminator you’re not brushing your dogs hair out but instead you are cutting it like sheering a sheep. This will leave the dogs coat looking dull and it pulls the dogs fur which irritates the skin. Plus if you don’t know how to use the Furminator you can shave too much off in any given spot on the dogs coat reducing the density of the coat and creating a draft. We recommend NEVER to use it. Never use any brush that has a blade. It destroys the natural guard hairs that help control your pups temperature and will not grow back properly.

Buy a good undercoat rake for your husky. A quality rake will do a good job and your dog will have a better experience getting brushed. A good experience will make the dog less resistant to getting it’s weekly grooming. If you have to chase your dog down just to groom it then you need to take a look at what type of brush you’re using on it’s coat. it may be hurting or making it very uncomfortable.

Use a slicker brush to untangle those bushy tails on a husky. These are great for matted fur. Always brush their coat out before you give them a bath. Use a high quality dog shampoo when bathing your dog. We love to use shampoos that have the conditioner already mixed in it. This is great to keep the coat from getting tangled after grooming the dog. All our dogs love to be brushed out and your dog should too if you’re using the right tools to groom it.

The Ferminator will take hair off but the problem is it sheers off the top coat as well as the undercoat. The top coat will grow back coarser and stiff compared to the natural soft coat the dog should have if you will just use a quality brush. If you have your husky groomed make sure they are NOT using a furminator or a brush with a blade. NEVER EVER SHAVE YOUR HUSKY!!

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